Every man you can think of — your father, your pastor, politicians, celebrities, scientists, looks for those moments when no one is around.

Where they won’t be missed or disturbed.

They sneak off and masturbate.

And, if statisticians are to be believed (though statistics tend to insist upon themselves, I…

Dreams are confusing by nature. They come from a part of us that is normally operating outside of consciousness.

Because dreams can be confusing, it becomes important, when trying to work with them, to have some structure in place to guide analysis and interpretation.

So, as a professional dream analyst…

If you google the “Monomyth” or the “Hero’s Journey” you will find no end of diagrams representing Joseph Campbell’s structure of life, death, and rebirth. Here’s a little inside information — if the steps of the diagram don’t move right to left, whoever made it might not know their Campbell.

Patch Drury


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