What is God? A Tetramorph, that’s what.

Brother Patch
2 min readApr 9, 2021


No one ever really talks about God.

Joseph Campbell believed God is the “ultimate truth” and ultimate truth can’t be contained by language.

Instead, we talk about the “penultimate truth” — which is kind of as close as we can get.

And penultimate truth is still kind of tricky so we have to use metaphors to really get to the point.

That’s why people have described God as Father, Mother, spirit, fire, shepherd, mansion-owner, etc.

The Christian tradition describes God as Trinity — 3 parts — Father, Son, Spirit.

In my course on the Alchemical (Hero’s) Journey, we describe God as a Quadernity — or Tetramorph.

God is a flower with four petals. And one of those petals grows down into the human head.

The center of the flower is the source of all things. The supercondensed matter that exploded out and became everything during the big bang.

One petal is the Lure describe by Alfred North Whitehead in Process Thought — our pull to do the next best possible right thing — to join God in the creation of this world.

The next petal is the archetypes — the characters, personalities, and actions that populate religious stories of all kinds.

Next is our future self — the potential of what we could be one day, trying to manifest in the present by directing our interests and proclivities.

Finally is our subconscious minds — the vast, strange, internal thermostat and guardian angel that seeks to guide us if we’ll only learn to listen.

If you want to learn more, we go deep into all to all of this in my course on the Alchemical Journey: https://www.deeperawake.com/p/the-hero-s-journey